New Computer Systems

For years now, our heritage has been to repair desktops and laptops, but we have been making a lot of new Assembled computers as per our customers needs:

  • A fast computer Desktop Computers with Intel Processor

  • Good quality and Good Brands Parts

  • Value for money

  • Only what's needed as per your requirements, nothing extra.!!!

  • One year Hardware Warranty

  • All data transferred over to the new PC

  • A little HOW TO USE tuition 

  • A 'Hand Over' at home or at Office

  • Help over the phone when needed


Our new computers are Intel Processor Based PC, have Fast Hard Drives outputting info at 580Mb/s, (instead of the old 80Mb/s) and Compatible with Windows XP / Windows 7 or Windows 8 !!!


We have many testimonials to call upon from customers who received from us:

  • Top end Gaming Computers

  • Fast Business Computers

  • or computers for General and Home use


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