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We realize that your I.T. requirements will change from time to time, our team specialize in many different area, and so can respond virtually all your needs. Below is a list of the services that we provide, if you have requirements that is not listed below please contact us we would be happy discus them with you:

  • Virus & Spyware removal

  • Internet / Network Security

  • PC Upgrades

  • New Installations

  • Software & Hardware faults

  • Broadband Installations

  • Wireless and wired network installations

  • Onsite / Offsite & remote support

  • Custom built PC's & supplies

  • Data backup

  • Data Recovery


Virus & Spyware Removal


Viruses are a problem for many computer users, causing damage and disruption to your business. Computer viruses rapidly replicate and spread between systems to ensure that as many systems as possible are infected.
The most harmful, and common viruses have been engineered for financial gain. Instead of causing obvious damage to a computer and preventing its use, viruses now covertly gather information desired by its programmer; this can have dire consequences, particularly for commercial systems. One of the most prolific viruses is Spyware, a term first coined in over a decade ago for a malicious program that installs itself illicitly and operates without the computers user's knowledge. Spyware can be used for directed advertising, or for more sinister uses.
We can check your system and if necessary remove unwanted programs from your computer or network, we can also advise you on the best ways to protect yourself and your business.


Internet / Network Security



A study conducted by Sophos in 2005 concluded that a computer system that was left unpatched and without a firewall could be compromised within 12 minutes. Knowledge is power, and it is important to know what measures you and your company can take to protect against malicious programs which will gain access to your computer and the data it contains.
Since the release of Service Pack 2 (for Windows XP), you should always be alerted by the in-built security system if your anti-virus program has expired, and a firewall should be in place. However, spyware and viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated and this first-line defence may not always be sufficient. Additionally, a system is only as safe as its user – it is important to update.
Rose Computer Services will setup security measures on both your local computers and your networks to make certain that your exposure to potential threats is absolutely minimal. We will also provide expert advice on how to ensure these security measures are not compromised, and should this fail we will be on hand to restore and repair any damage to your systems.


PC Upgrades


For new software or hardware to be effective it is necessary to upgrade your computer systems and networks. We will examine your current system, and can advise you on any suitable upgrades that may be necessary.



New Installations


We offer I.T. solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Should that be a new computer system or an improved network setup for your home or office and we will only advise and build for you what is necessary.



Software / Hardware Problems


We have many years of experience and are experts in spotting and fixing both hardware and software problems. We closely manage the costs to our clients to make sure that our prices are competitive. This approach allows us to respond in an efficient manner, and enables us to provide a solution that is quickly implemented so that disruption to your business in minimized.



Broadband Installations


If your network and internet is slow and you feel you are not getting the optimum speeds from your broadband, or you require a new installation, we will be happy to assist.



Wired & Wireless Network Set Up


If you have multiple computers in your office or home, then it is advisable to have your computers networked. This will enable data to be transmitted more efficiently and peripherals such as printers and the internet to be shared. This can be done in two ways either hard wired network with cables or a wireless solution. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Cabled networks provide the best solution for both speed and reliability offering higher speeds, which is advantageous for sharing larger files or backing-up your data over a network. The disadvantages with a cabled network is mobility and expandability; it is necessary to plan ahead with the layout of the network.

  • Wireless connections offer mobility, but your connection speed may fluctuate and can suffer the further you move from the access point. Wireless signals can also travel a great distance, however this makes them less secure as it is possible for the data to be intercepted from outside the building.
    We will discuss your requirements, and provide you with the best setup for your current and future needs.


Onsite / Offsite & Remote Support


We offer you both telephone support and onsite support within an agreed timeframe. Where necessary, we can also setup a remote support, which allows us to resolve most problems quickly and with minimal interruption to you.



Backup Solutions


Hard drive failures are not uncommon. All hard drives will fail; it's simply a matter of time. Therefore, you cannot expect hardware, especially hard drives, to last as long as they should theoretically. If the data contained upon these hard drives is critical, then the data should be backed up in real time, as well as backed up offsite on a daily basis.
We will setup systems that allow you to back-up your data in real time, and we will also advise you on the best practices to ensure the integrity of your data. We can also offer you offsite backup over the Internet.





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